Newsletter, Jan 2015

Hello Ladies and Shipmates,

Well shipmates I’m sorry that the newsletter is later than usual but due the circumstances we could not do anything else, as most of you will know that we had a letter from Clarence House with regards to this year and that we would have to wait till they discussed Prince Charles diary for this year so I could not go ahead till we received confirmation.

So in the meantime I have had to look at a plan B as well as a C.

As we were planning to go to the National Arbouritium this year to have something done at our memorial has now been put on the backburner due it being closed for a year for improvements so alternatives were sort, I had three venues in the air 1 Gloucester, Portsmouth and Liverpool, So Gloucester was out for now and we were in Portsmouth two years ago and we have not had a look at Liverpool.

I approached Hotels in Liverpool and had reservations at a couple but as time went by the Adelphi started to release the rooms so as with Colchester last year we have stayed with Best Western, The Best Western Feathers Hotel is in Central Liverpool close to the railway station,( just for you Kath Dougall) and they are holding 20 rooms at the moment for us, if you are planning to book please quote the Hermione Association, I am in the process of arranging a visit to the War Rooms or if there is enough interest a mini cruise up the Manchester Ship Canal for those who fancy using their sealegs or there is Liverpool One for the Ladies or Albert Dock.

Best Western Feathers Hotel
Mount Plesant
0151 709 9655

On Behalf of the Domestic Engineer and myself may we belatedly wish you and yours a Happy New Year , ours started quite early as the Domestic had a bad fall before Christmas and broke her collarbone so it was all hands on deck ie me with a little help from my daughter to get us through, and being organised like i’m not we managed haha so she could not go back to work and her company have been great with her to let her stay at home till she retired, I don’t know what is worst..

As you know last year Derek Duffin had a pacemaker fitted and is on the mend and was unable to attend the reunion has since took retirement , best wishes to you Derek and Diane.

Last year at Colchester we had a good time, Shipmates visited the town and the old castle, the meal was enjoyed by all , Trevor Knight gave a break down of the funds and we are not to bad in that department seeing as when we started we set the fees at £10 and the old boys at a £5 and we even had a hardlayers fund, and in the 23 years we have been going its never gone up although we have all got older and lost a few of our stalwarts along the way.

It was good to see the reaction on Facebook to the pictures which were put on by a shipmate of Robert Howell when he was skipper,he will fondly be remembered.

We shall be going to the National Arbouritium next year as it will be the 75 year of her loss so I am trying to get as many of the survivors or their widows as possible to attend and hope that shipmates will help with transport at the time watch this space,and if anyone has any ideas as to what you want to see in place let us know and we will see if it is possible.

There has been a movement as to going to London and take part in the Cenotaph parade in November with other Leanders associations this can be raised when we have our reunion to see what the feeling is amongst you as to what you what do.

I have had a couple of spam e-mails which I have deleted but it seems one or two have had the same please be aware that if you are not sure just delete if it is from me and just give me a bell except if your calling from Aussie as they reverse the charges haha well that’s what i’m told go rattle your chains Jonah…..

Kipper Herring has written a book about fairies in the fleet sorry that should of read his fairy stories of days of yoor! when he was strapped to the mast knowing kipper he would have liked being strapped to a mast you know these s&s types haha well it’s all in aid of RNBT and kippers retirement fund please buy one its a good read that’s from the St Dunstans library…

I believe that Stephen Speilbergh has bought the book for a future film starring George Raft, Ronnie Lake and George Seagull and his brother Stephen anyway its for a good cause,you know what to do.

SLOPS, Fred Cook has embarked on a spending spree and bought some more slops so please support if you don’t have Freds address please contact me, he has a good selection and his fame is spreading far and wide well that is what he tells me.

If we know of any one who needs us please get in touch so we help or see if they want to talk that is what we are here for and if you need the Hermione Standard its here just give me time to get it to you.

Well Shipmates it is short and sweet ,I hope to see as many as possible of you in Liverpool as possible, and if your passing my home just keep going you bunch of free loaders haha! seriously if your on the M6 or the M62 around Warrington give me and bell and drop in for a cuppa or a tot you will be most welcome.

yours aye,

Steve ….

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