Newsletter, Nov 2016

Hello Ladies and Shipmates,

Here we are again another year gone and the Association is going from strength to strength with more joining us each month so we must be doing something right.
First of all I would like to inform you that we have had three Hermiones cross the Bar, first of all we lost Tom Snow who was a survivor of the wartime cruiser and sadly we didn’t know till it was to late to attend. The Chairman Paul Herington informed me that one of the old skippers Captain Squires (Tubby) had gone , then Ernie Usher informed me that Captain Mike Howitt ( jimmy on the first commish) has also crossed.

The reunion in Liverpool went well although down in numbers it was a success with visits to the War Rooms , Maritime museum and Albert Dock.

With some discussion with regards to next year it was decided that next year we will hold our reunion at the Arboretum in Staffs and do something to commemorate the 75 years and invite as many of the survivors as possible to join us and leave a lasting memorial

Having been in touch with the management at the Arboretum we are now limited to a bench which is supplied by them at a cost of £1100:00 so this is going out to you and if you will support it, I have already spoken to the chairman and treasurer and I have asked if we could have a love seat, ie two seats either side of a table to represent the two ships I am awaiting there answer.

The Hotel we will be staying at is:

Holiday Inn Express
Burton on Trent
01283 504300
attn. Ben Hall

For the Saturday evening I have booked a very special venue for our dinner which will be held at the winery burton for those that wish to look it up. Also I am trying to organize a brewery visit so if you are interested please let me know as to the numbers this hopefully will be held on the Friday the 16th June. REMEMBER I NEED TO KNOW IF YOU ARE COMING AND IF YOU WISH TO ATTEND ANY EVENT PLEASE…

We still have not heard from Clarence house at this present time but there again the President has not yet completed his diary for next year,but we shall let you know when we do you never know he might join us to commemorate next year.

Anyway Shipmates I shall leave it with you, comments are accepted and also your views on what I have said and if you wish to donate to the memorial, and I know its early but can I wish you and yours a very early Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to hearing from you

yours aye,

Steve ….

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