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2012 Gallery — 8 Comments

  1. Good to see the website changing by the day. Well done Ewan and a big thanks for your contribution and hard work.


  2. Thanks for the website — good to see info filling up
    Thanks for the photos — but Lucy can you use a camera that makes me slim — to fond of my food.
    Thanks for the forum — won’t need to pester Ewan so much.

    Keep this rolling it belongs to all of you

  3. Hi
    I was looking for info on the WW2 HMS Hermione 74 as my Father was serving on her when she was sunk
    he served he has pasted on now but I wondered if anyone know him from back then his name was
    Godfrey Parry form Wales 5’4″ blond with blue eyes!
    I have some photos of the sub they rammed & some cartoons scratches they used post on the pasteboard
    if anyone is interested I could scan them send to you!

    Many thanks

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